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Free Online Bill Payment With Guaranteed Payment Date

When you sign up for Online Banking at Dollar Bank, free online bill payment is included. Take advantage of these great benefits:
  • Peace of mind with our Bill Payment Guarantee.
  • Greater Flexibility With More Payment Date Options!
  • Save money with fewer checks and stamps to buy.
  • Pay any of our approved merchants or sign up new merchants of your own. To see our growing list of over 10,000 merchants click here.
  • It's fast and easy to pay all of your bills in minutes from one screen.
  • Set up recurring bills at a frequency you determine. You enter the payment date and amount once and the payment will be deducted from your account on the date you selected.
  • Immediate access to funds transferred to or from your Passbook, Savings and Holiday Club accounts.

Bill Payment Guarantee.

If your merchant doesn’t receive a bill payment made in Online Banking by the date we guarantee, we’ll reimburse your late fees!*

Many merchants are guaranteed to receive payment within one business day. So, schedule your payments with the confidence that your bills will be paid on time.

Greater Flexibility With More Payment Date Options!

Everyone has their own routine when it comes to paying monthly bills. Maybe you pay some bills before the due date, some as they arrive and others on pay day. Or, maybe you prefer to keep your money in your account as long as you can and pay your bills on their due date. However you prefer to pay bills, Online Banking can accommodate your style.

You have greater control over when your payments are withdrawn from your account.
  • If you prefer to keep your money in your account as long as possible, you can schedule the Guaranteed Payment Date to match your merchant's due date. Your payment won’t be withdrawn until the day required to guarantee payment to your merchant on time.
  • If you prefer to select an earlier date to pay your bills, such as when they first arrive, simply change the Guaranteed Payment Date to the date you wish the merchant to receive payment or set the Withdrawal Date to when you would like the money to be deducted from you account. You can also pay your bills using the pre-filled dates, which shows the earliest Guaranteed Payment Date available.
Regardless of how you prefer to pay your bills, all bill payments will be withdrawn immediately. If you make recurring or future dated payments, you should know that they will be deducted from your account at the end of the date you selected.

*Guarantee does not apply if the payment processing method changes or if the payment is not processed due to a merchant error or events beyond Dollar Bank’s reasonable control.

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