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Checking Accounts

From basic to interest bearing, each type of checking account has companion savings options to save you time and money, putting your everyday funds to work for you to offset fees.

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Open Everything Checking Account Everything Checking
Your key to Everything Banking. You get everything you deserve in a checking account just by doing the things you do every day. Everyday banking makes it free, like using your debit card and paying bills. Everyone can open this account, not just high balance customers. Everything comes with it including: Free access to a network of over 55,000 ATMs, earning interest on your checking balance and discounted checks. You’ll also have 24/7 convenient access to your account with the Dollar Bank App with Mobile Remote Deposit, Mobile Banking, Account Alerts, Text Message Banking and Online Banking.

Open Free Checking Account Free Checking
Free Checking gives you flexibility with your finances. There is no monthly service charge and no minimum balance requirement. Plus, all the benefits you expect from a basic checking account. To maintain the account, all you need to do is receive your monthly statement electronically.

Open No Minimum Checking Account No Minimum Checking
Get all the benefits you expect from a basic checking account with no minimum balance requirement, even if your balance falls to a penny.

Open Perfect Prepaid Checking Account Perfect Prepaid Checking
The perfect blend between a prepaid card and a traditional checking account. No overdraft fees ever with the safety and convenience of a bank. We won't let a debit card purchase bring your balance below what you have available, so you'll never be charged an overdraft fee.* And, no worries about fees for bounced checks since you can pay all of your bills in Online Banking or with our App. With a low fee, it's more affordable than prepaid cards. Plus, it has the safety and conveniences of a traditional checking account… Dollar Bank App, Online Banking, text message and mobile banking… you’ll love all the ways you can manage your money. It's perfect if you're in college, like to make purchases and pay bills online or want to budget and build your savings.

Dollar Bank is a member of the
Allpoint ATM Network and
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ATMs near you.

Hassle Free Switch Kit Hassle Free Switch Kit
Everything you need to switch your account to Dollar Bank is right here.
Check reorder Check Reorder
Experience the convenience of ordering checks online. It’s quick and easy.
Debit and ATM cards Debit Cards and ATM Cards
For convenient access to your money, add a Dollar Bank debit or ATM card to your checking account.
Allpoint ATM Network Allpoint ATM Network
Dollar Bank provides surcharge-free access at over 55,000 ATMs that you visit daily such as gas stations, retail stores and drugstores nationwide.
FREEDOM ATM ALLIANCE® is a surcharge-free ATM network offering more than 600 ATMs!
Telephone Banking Telephone Banking
Access your accounts and other Dollar Bank information any time from any telephone with Telephone Banking.
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD)
Telephone service for hearing impaired customers is available using Dollar Bank's TDD service.
Automatic Payments Automatic Payments
There are a variety of automatic payment options you can combine with your Dollar Bank accounts for even greater convenience.
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