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Want To Buy A Home?
Dollar Bank's Credit Enhancement Program Can Help.

Making Home Ownership Easier

Our goal is to make obtaining a mortgage easier by providing you with information about how credit plays an important role in getting a mortgage application approved. With help from Dollar Bank, you also may realize the dream of owning your own home.

Credit Obstacles

Some individuals have experienced difficulty qualifying for a mortgage due to insufficient savings for a down payment and/or past and present credit difficulties.

If you've experienced any of these obstacles, Dollar Bank can help. With our Credit Enhancement Program, you'll gain the knowledge you'll need to get ready to purchase a home. Regardless of whether or not you've been denied a mortgage in the past, Dollar Bank's Credit Enhancement Program can be beneficial in preparing you for the purchase of a home. There is no cost or obligation to enter this program.

The Program

When you enroll in the Credit Enhancement Program, you'll have a series of confidential one-on-one sessions with a mortgage credit consultant to review your employment, credit history and available cash. He or she will assess your needs and focus on one or more of the following areas to help make you a better mortgage candidate.
  • Restoring damaged credit
  • Reducing excessive debt
  • Maintaining your credit
  • Prioritizing your debts
Once you've completed the pre-mortgage program, you'll also get additional information on:
  • Maintaining a home
  • Processing of your application
  • Closing on a mortgage

Time To Apply

By completing the Credit Enhancement Program, you will have increased your likelihood of getting a mortgage. A Dollar Bank mortgage originator can then take your mortgage application and help start you down the path to home ownership.

Call Today

Call 1-800-242-BANK and ask for Dollar Bank's Community Development Department to get all the details regarding the special Credit Enhancement program.

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The information presented in this publication is general in nature; it is not our intention to provide specific advice to individuals or a comprehensive discussion of the subject matter. We suggest that you consult with your financial or tax advisor, accountant or attorney to obtain specific advice or comprehensive information.
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