If you're shopping for a new car, boat or RV, we can help by making monthly payments manageable and processing your loan quickly so you don't miss out on special deals.

Our auto, boat and RV loans have fixed rates and fixed monthly payments for the entire term of the loan. This provides easy budgeting and protection against rate fluctuations.

To see your monthly payment, select a term, enter a loan amount and select the vehicle model year. To apply, select the loan product and click Apply Now.

Rates are current as of:
4/29/2016 11:57:22 AM

   New and Used Fixed Rate Auto Loans*

   New and Used Fixed Rate Boat and RV Loans*

* Rates are accurate when accessed, are subject to change without notice, include a .25% discount with any one of several qualifying checking accounts and are not available for the refinance of an existing Dollar Bank loan or line. Qualifying checking accounts are subject to certain terms and conditions that may change after account opening. Subject to Dollar Bank underwriting guidelines. The rates do not include the $99 origination fee. This fee will be waived for closed loans when application is submitted on

**Auto loan rates are for consumer automobile loans only and vary with the model year.

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