Government Loans

Government Loans in Pittsburgh and Cleveland

Cleveland Residents
Cleveland Action to Support Housing (CASH) is offering loans designed to improve health and safety features of a home, especially electrical, plumbing and heating systems.  Carpentry, masonry, insulation, painting and other needed repairs are all eligible.  This program has no income restrictions and is available for homes located in the City of Cleveland.  Specific loan amounts and terms are determined on an individual basis, but approved borrowers are sure to get a great interest rate.  Call (216) 621-3570 for details.

Pittsburgh Residents
The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has a Home Improvement Loan Program that makes home improvements affordable if your home is located in the City of Pittsburgh.  Take advantage of all the benefits this special program has to offer including: low interest rates, borrowing amounts up to $25,000 and no equity requirements for qualification for a wide variety of eligible home improvements.  Contact a Dollar Bank representative at 1-888-418-BANK for details, or e-mail us at

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