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Robert consolidates his expenses.

Robert was really excited about the path his life was taking. He had just landed a new job in a new city. Once he found an apartment, he bought some new furnishings and invested in a few new suits. A month or so later he felt overwhelmed by his complicated financial situation. Between his car payment, credit card bills and apartment expenses, he barely had money left over for food. He was making $31,000 a year and his bills already totaled $5,000.

With a Personal Loan for $6,500 Robert could consolidate his bills down to one easy monthly payment and free up extra money to pay for rent and utilities. Robert also had the option of getting a Personal Line of Credit, which would provide him with the opportunity to borrow money more frequently if he needed to.


* The scenarios shown above are for explanatory and informational purposes only and do not necessarily reflect terms and conditions being offered by Dollar Bank. All loan applications are subject to Bank underwriting and credit standards and specific loan product guidelines. Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

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