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Dollar Bank - Making Home Ownership Easier

Dollar Bank…Making Home Ownership Easier.

For more than 150 years, Dollar Bank has helped individuals and families fulfill their dream of owning a home. Our success is based upon having a dedicated staff that is knowledgeable of current marketplace issues surrounding the low-to-moderate income communities.

From the beginning, our experienced counselors will work with you, one-on-one, to provide you with the resources you need to make obtaining a mortgage easier and to select the best mortgage option for you. We can make home ownership possible with down payment and closing cost assistance, credit enhancement and repair as well as training for home ownership. Even once you’re in your new home, our counselors are available if you should have any questions or concerns. Not only do we want to help you achieve home ownership, we want you to preserve it.

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Home Ownership Basics
Credit Enhancement Program
Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance
Home Ownership Training
Low Cost Mortgage Options

* Certain restrictions apply.
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