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Find the key to increasing your customer portfolio with our experienced experts.

A responsible visionary in the mortgage industry for over 155 years, Dollar Bank was one of the first institutions to offer ARMs, our Correspondent Lending specialty. We are aggressively priced in both conforming and Jumbo ARM Mortgages with 2/2/6 Caps.

As the largest independent mutual bank in the nation, Dollar Bank does not answer to shareholders.* Dollar Bank has assets of over $6.8 billion and we currently work with over 50 correspondent partners in over 13 states.

Dollar Bank also keeps the servicing of its mortgages, so if your client has any questions about their new mortgage, a Dollar Bank representative is ready to assist them.

Gain the key to increasing your customer portfolio. Our seasoned experts are ready to provide you with a professional, fast and friendly experience. For more information or to become a partner, call 1-800-521-7561 or e-mail

*Source:, mutual institutions as of 3/31/12.
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